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Three reason to wear a quality sew-in



Wearing a quality Weave sew-in allows your scalp to properly breath making it easier to moisturize, shampoo and get to ichy areas un-like caps sew-in"s or bonding.

 Maintaining your extensions,  braids & weave, especially braided hair made mostly from  modacrylic like polyester fiber nylons mix with other animal hairs like alpaca, wool, horse, goat, to mention a few which are combine.   Micro braiding can cause severe stress that chokes & weakens hair if not properly maintain & moisturized, It is never good to color & install Micro fusion on the same  day, wait 48 hr for hair to recover from chemicals.   Lace  cap wigs & hair bonding are only meant for short term wear  which can cause sweaty scalp, bacteria buildup causing even more damage when hair grows back thinner & weak  causing poor  air circulation to follicals causing  thinner  regrowth,   It may be necessary to trim back broken dry ends  which strengthens while creating fullness to achieve stronger tresses, using human or a multi blend may reduces stress eliminating breakage followed by a deep continuous moisturizing treatment or hair sealant to prevent free radicals  promoting stronger healthier manes. Micro fusion extensions can be worn for up to 4-5 months &  sew-in's weaves of ethnic hair 2 months + 1 additional  week depending on life style.

Now that you have visited our gallery we hope that we have inspired you to call for a  no obligation consultation   which  includes this short Q&A column to help  choose your hair extension type.  If  on a budget try using a high premium blend of high grade  fiber  from $39 - $149   one directional  Cuticle Remy , Black Diamond , Tease, Feathers ,  Sensaul, Cinderella,  Saga ,  Zury , Hollywood ,  are great choices in alternative Premium hair. Cuticle Indian Remy is your best choice for it's versitility, natural feel & will never tangle well worth the investment eliminating to re-purchase more hair for up to a year!  When wearing weaves it is extremely important not  wearing too tightly around the hairline if not properly moisturized. People experiencing thinning should take caution when wearing braids especially micro's that can cause more stress on stressed hair. A good weave is one that is undetectable which simply enhance hair appearance. To achieve a layered look it's best to purchase two different lengths example> if wearing 14 length use a 12 at top for layers. This shortens cutting & styling time creating hair layers.