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Hair Maintance Editorial



Here is some informative information to help you understand  how hair grows, Let's start by how hair grows and increasing it's ability to grow. African Americans hair grows like a wirey sponge &  essentail  of moister which are exspose to the enviroment  while using many harmful products that disturbs & blocks the follicle depriving it of nutrients like heavy compounds such as wax, grease's & debris choking the follicle causing thinner hair until it eventually shuts down restricting new hair from coming threw the hair shaft. This is call DHT- dihydrotestosterone.  Hair normally grows at 1/2 inch a month going threw three stage's. The first is call ( Anagen phase when leaving the follicle they no longer have nourishment's from the Capillarie blood supply & so it dies. As it dies it is transform into a hard protein call ( Keratin)  which is also the material that produce's finger nails & toenails. Each hair we see above the skin is dead protein, So it is essential that most nutrients comes from the ( Capillarie vessel blood supply, meaning the root!  2nd stage ( Catgen- which the hair bulb detaches from it's supply pushing the hair up & out. It is normal to lose 50 - 100 hairs strands each day. All thou there are two FDA approve hair loss treatments ( Monoxide & Finasteride both that contain harsh  alcohol base solution that dries the hair causing breakage to which balance moister is crucial to exotic hair. It does however unblock DHT build-up but cause's stress to hair above the shaft. Other problems can come from changes in your diet, medications, stress, & even genetic age density. Some women may exspriances  hair thinning from  hormonal , menopause, & medications,  Hair piece closers can also cause poor air ventilation suffocating the shaft. Providing a strict hygiene regimen also promotes oxygen blood circulation & stimulation & should be perform weekly followed by vitamins multi oils  may require some touch-up's according to style?