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Maintaining your  extensions & weave especially single individual braided hair made from a modacrylic like polyester fiber nylons mix with other animal hairs like alpaca, wool, horse, goat, to mention a few which are combine. It is never good  idea to color & install Micro fusion on the same  day, wait 48 hr for hair to recover from chemicals. Florida weather humidity can destroy even the best of  styles,  Use a clarifing shampoo for hair that is heavly soiled from sweating which cleans without striping the hair or a no sulfate shampoo when shampooing regularly.  Lace wigs are only meant for short term use which can cause sweaty scalp, bacteria buildup & poor  air circulation causing  thinner regrowth,   It may be necessary to trim back your hair which strengthens while creating fullness to achieve stronger teases, using a high grade human hair  may reduces stress eliminating breakage followed by a deep continuous moisturizing treatment or a pre- thermal hair  sealant to prevent breakage from flat ironing & free radicals  promoting stronger healthier manes. Micro fusions takes up to 175-350 micro beading for  complete application in most case's. It is very important for a consultation to check for possible problem area's, thickness & color match.   Weaves sew-in's should  last for-2 months if applied properly avoiding jumping tracks depending on life style. All images are produce & own by Topweaves